The Action Group is a non-profit, community Agency supporting adults and children with developmental disabilities. Established over 40 years ago, the Action Group provides services throughout Central Alberta from its main office in Lacombe. The Agency has been providing services to the community since 1976 and continues to expand its service delivery model. The Action Group operates with a volunteer board of directors who hires an Executive Director to manage the operations of the organization.
The membership sets the direction of the organization through various means. The membership establishes the mission statement, vision statement, and the values and beliefs statements. Each year these statements are reviewed, revised, or affirmed by the membership at the annual planning session.

The mission statement of the Action Group is to make a difference in our communities by providing education and services that help people become leaders in their own lives.

The Action Group will be a recognized leader in the development and provision of quality supports for building whole communities.

We value the opportunity to make choices and take risks.
We value living in the community.
We value the individual and diversity.
We value the right to say no.
We believe and encourage the development of a natural support network.
We value family, friendship, love and happiness.
We believe every person has the right to set and redefine personal goals.
We value being a contributing member of the community and the organization.
We value life experiences.
We value the process of learning from our mistakes and being accountable for our actions.
We believe each person is a sexual being.
We value satisfaction and accomplishment and the opportunity to celebrate them.
We value equal opportunity.
We value spirituality and religious freedom.
We believe in taking responsibility for our own actions.
We believe in being responsible to others and our community.
We value personal respect and dignity.
We value teamwork and the staff we employ.
We believe everyone has gifts and talents.

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