The Family Services Program provides children and families with opportunities to grow through training and experience that enhances the quality of life for the family as a whole. Each family participates in the development and direction of their service, which ensures individual needs are respected. Service plans are developed for each family. The program is flexible and allows families to access support at the times that are most beneficial for them. The Policies & Procedures identified by Family Supports for Children with Disabilities are followed and a range of services are available throughout Central Alberta.

Respite Services
This service provides temporary relief for parents from the total care and supervision demands of their children with disabilities. The supports are intended to help strengthen the family's ability to care for and maintain the child in the family home. Parents may use the break to participate in leisure or recreational activities, spend time with their other children, partner and/or family members, or do errands, housework and take care of personal business.

Extraordinary Child Care Supports
This service ensures that the parents of children with disabilities have access to childcare or out-of-school care at a similar cost as parents of children without disabilities.

Community Supports
Provides assistance for a child to participate in a community program or activity where the child's disability prevents the child from participating. This service ensures that children with disabilities who experience limitations in their ability to participate are included in recreational, social or community activities.

Behavioral Supports
Helps parents address specific behaviors exhibited by the child and to increase or reinforce the parent's skills and strategies in managing the child's behavior. The level and intensity of service will be based on developmentally appropriate intervention time and the child's individual needs. The goal is to help the parents and child learn strategies to improve the child's behavior or maintain a sustainable level of behavior thus preventing regression.

Developmental Supports
This service assists parents to develop skills and strategies that support their child's development, based on assessed needs. The child may have a developmental deficiency that significantly limits his/her ability to carry out the activities of normal daily living. The goal is to achieve a measurable improvement in the child's development, sustain a level of development, and prevent a regression or increased dependency in the child's development.

Personal Care Supports
This service provides assistance where the child is totally or partially dependent on an adult to for their personal care. Assistance can be provided with self-care, eating, bathing, washing and other personal hygiene needs.

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